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Learn to teach the Classical Pilates method as developed by Joseph H. Pilates

Classical Pilates refers to the original Pilates method as developed by Joseph H. Pilates in his work Return to Life through Contrology.

The mat exercises - floor exercises performed on the Pilates mat - form the basis of the Classical Pilates system. The complete system includes, besides the mat exercises, the exercises on the typical Pilates apparatus: Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, High Chair, High Barrel, Spine Corrector etc…

Pilates Works offers a complete and full curriculum consisting of the following packages:

  • MAT training - Level I & II, each time a weekend
  • TOWER training Level I & II, one weekend each time, after following MAT Level I & II
  • COMPREHENSIVE training Level I, II & III, training on all equipment in a customised timeframe
  • TEACHER WORKSHOPS - these are designed for instructors as a form of continuing education

All courses can also be taught on a flexible timetable in agreement with the student.

Who are these courses for?

These courses are designed for everyone who fits one of the following profiles:

  • fitness instructors
  • dancers/ex-dancers
  • movement educators
  • physiotherapists
  • Anyone who is aware of their body and for whom teaching is a passion
  • People who want to learn the Pilates method in depth