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TOWER teacher training

The Tower introduces a whole series of new, unique exercises such as the 'Push Through', 'Chest Expansion' and 'Airplane'.

During the level I course we will thoroughly explore all of the beginner/into intermediate Tower exercises and see how you can combine this with the well known mat exercises from the level 1 mat course.

In the level II training we will cover all intermediate/into advanced TOWER exercises and see how to combine this with the mat exercises from the level 2 MAT training.

In both trainings (level 1 & 2) you will learn to work with the components of the Tower: Rolling Back Bar, Push Through Bar, Arm- and Legsprings.

Every aspect of teaching a successful class is covered:

  • a thorough analysis of each exercise
  • Building up a complete class
  • Providing corrections
  • Coaching a group (and/or individual client)

After completing the training periods (level 1 & 2), a final exam follows consisting of:

  • teaching a complete intermediate mat class
  • a written theoretical exam

You will receive a certificate after passing the exams.

More details and information regarding dates, price, internship, exams will be communicated at a later date.

A TOWER level 1 is planned for autumn 2020.