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Do I need to register for the lessons in advance?

All 'Personal Training' classes (private, duet, trio) and Solo Training - are by appointment via mail.

For TOWER and MAT classes (in the studio and online), you must register in advance. You can only register through our online booking system Momoyoga. The schedule for group classes can also be found on our schedule page.

Places are limited for these classes. Any class cancelled later than 24 hours before the class start time will be charged. MAT and TOWER classes will only take place with a min. of 3 participants.

Which classes can I take online?

All MAT classes (fundamentals/basic, open level, intermediate/advanced) can also be followed online via Zoom. We stream these classes live from the studio. If you regularly participate in these online classes, we recommend you to have some props with you, besides your mat: Magic Circle, Triad Ball, Arm Weights (0.5 kg and/or 1 kg), elastic band (Thera Band) and towel. We use these props during the lessons in the studio to offer a varied workout.

It is also possible to book online 'Personal Training' classes (private, duet).

In which class can I start if I have physical complaints or injuries?

  • In that case it is advisable to start with one or more private lessons. During a private lesson we can discuss your complaints, guide you individually and adapt the exercises to your specific complaints/ injuries.
  • After 1 or more private lessons and after an OK from the trainer, you can switch to a group lesson.
  • When in doubt about your physical condition always consult a doctor or physiotherapist/specialist before starting Pilates.
  • Always mention injuries and physical complaints on the intake form or let the instructor know about your physical complaints before the start of a group lesson (Mat/Tower)

Can I start Pilates during pregnancy?

We do not allow pregnant women to start Pilates if they have never taken Pilates classes before pregnancy. If you have taken classes before you are pregnant you can continue to do so. If you are taking mat classes, we recommend that you switch to private classes or tower classes from the second trimester or halfway point in your pregnancy at the latest.

If you have never done Pilates before you are more than welcome to do so after your pregnancy. You can start from 6 weeks after giving birth and after approval of your doctor. The exercises work well to get your body back into shape.

How many times a week can/should I train to get results?

This is a question that is asked many times and to which there is no simple answer. It depends on your physical condition, your self-discipline and your goal. Much more important than the number of times per week, however, is the regularity with which you practice Pilates. We have many clients who achieve fantastic results with once-a-week sessions. People who want to get in shape faster can increase this to 2 or 3 times a week. Some Pilates practitioners who are well versed in the mat exercise sequence even do their Pilates exercises daily at home!

Can I use Pilates to lose weight?

What you can expect from Pilates in the first place is an improved posture and that, in time, you will become more flexible and stronger. Only at the advanced and superadvanced levels does Pilates become intense enough to also have an aerobic effect. To really lose weight, it is best to combine Pilates with an aerobic activity such as (fast) walking, running, cycling or swimming in combination with an appropriate diet.

Can I eat just before a class?

It is advisable not to eat just before your lesson. Preferably a few hours before. A banana, dried fruit or energy bar can be eaten up to half an hour before class.

What clothes should I wear during a Pilates class?

  • Wear comfortable and sporty clothes that allow you to move easily. It is easier for our instructors to follow what your body is doing if your clothes are rather tight. Then they can give the right corrections.
  • Do not wear clothing with zips, because this can damage the upholstery of the equipment.
  • For hygienic reasons, we wear clean socks.
  • we recommend tying up loose hair so it does not hinder you during the exercises.
  • The equipment and mats are cleaned after the lessons, so you do not have to lie on a towel. Towels are available in the studio, but if you prefer to use your own towel to put under your head, you can bring it with you.

What is the difference between Classical Pilates and Contemporary Pilates?

Classical Pilates respects the original work of JP and is based on the original exercises in the original order. Pilates never patented his method which has led to a lot of variations of Pilates existing and being taught. These are usually called Contemporary Pilates. There are many debates in the Pilates community about who teaches real Pilates, but it is much more important to take lessons from a Certified Pilates Trainer and you can do both styles.

What is the difference between Pilates and Yoga?

In developing his method, JP was certainly inspired by yoga. There are clearly common elements, such as attention to breathing, flowing movements and certain postures. With Pilates, the emphasis is more on muscle tone, strength, core training and abdominal muscles, without the more spiritual dimension that is so characteristic of yoga.

Pilates and yoga are not opposed to each other but complement each other perfectly. Many Pilates instructors therefore also practise a form of yoga.

Will paid lessons be refunded?

  • Paid lessons and lesson cards are not refundable.
  • Personal cards may not be passed on to others

How long is a card valid for?

  • All 5 and 10 lesson cards are valid for 4 months and all 20 lesson cards for 6 months.
  • Any class (except MAT classes and solo training) cancelled later than 24 hours before the start of the class will be charged.

How can I pay?

  • We accept payments online, in cash and by bank transfer.
  • Our bank details are: Pilates Works bvba: 363-0758654-57 -- IBAN: BE09 3630 7586 5457 -- BIC: BBRUBEBB
  • All our prices include 21% VAT.
  • On request an invoice can be made, just give us your company name, address and VAT nr.

How do I get to the studio by bike?

Where can I park?

Good to know!

  • Shoes will be removed before entering the studio.
  • Water is offered to you in our studio.
  • There is a changing room and shower available.
  • You can also freshen up, washcloths, towels, deodorant and hand lotion are available in our bathroom.
  • We do not have lockers, please bring your valuables into the studio.
  • The studio is not responsible for theft or loss of personal belongings.
  • Mats and props are provided in the studio, you should not bring your own mat for Pilates.
  • For hygienic reasons, please use your own towel.