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Welkom to Pilates Works, a Classical Pilates studio classes, workshops & teacher training

Ann Van Huffel started Pilates Works in 2001.

In May 2020 the studio moved to Leguit 15 and currently holds 3 reformers, 2 cadillacs, 3 towers, chairs, barrels and small props.

Pilates Works is a classical Pilate studio, which means our style of teaxching is firmly grounded in the original Pilates Method as it was developed by J.H. Pilates. All our instructors are Classical Pilates trained and certified.

Apart from teaching, Pilates Works organises workshops in various disciplines with wellness and movement as a central theme. This ranges from a 2-day Pilates workshops with guest teachers from home and abroad to sessions of Franklin Method, reflexology, meditation etc...

Pilates Works also organises a teacher training programme for Pilates Mat, Tower and Comprehensive (all apparatus).

Our MAT & TOWER classes can be booked online. For Personal Training and Solo Training please make an appointment via email to info@pilatesworks.be.

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“During the class I can feel myself getting stronger and more balanced. After class I walk out with renewed energy. This carries over in my daily life, and I'm also more conscious of my posture and breathing.”

— Annelies