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MAT teacher training level 1

The training starts with learning the beginner MAT exercises - the basis of the classical Pilates method. You'll learn to perform and analyse the exercises with precision and control. In the theoretical part we explore the 6 basic principles of the Pilates method (concentration, centering, control, breathing, precision, flow) and other key concepts such as the 'Pilatesbox', 'Powerhouse'…

Every aspect of teaching a successful class is addressed:

  • A thorough analysis of each exercise
  • The construction of a complete lesson
  • how to give corrections
  • Guiding a group (and/or individual client)

Because you cannot start this course as a complete Pilates layman, we have the following requirements for candidates:

  1. meet one of the following requirements:
    • either have followed a minimum of 15 hours mat classes or 5 private lessons
    • or be in possession of another certified trainer Pilates certificate
    • or pass an audition (at a one-off fee of 65 €)
  2. Before starting the programme, you must have attended at least 5 intermediate mat classes at Pilates Works as an introduction to the Classical Pilates method.
  3. Know the complete intermediate Classical Pilates mat sequence by heart and be able to perform it fluently.

Reading the following books is part of the theoretical part of the course:

  • Pilates Anatomy, Rael Isacowitz & Karen Clippinger
  • Anatomy of Movement, Blandine Calais-Germain
  • Pilates Body in Motion, Alycea Ungaro
  • The Pilates Body, Brooke Siler
  • Return to Live, J Pilates

(purchase of these books is at the expense of the student)


The practical part of the course consists of 16 hours of teaching spread over 3 teaching days.

The next MAT level 1 courses will take place spring 2023:

  • Friday - spring 2023 - from 4pm to 8pm
  • Saturday - spring 2023 - from 1:30pm to 6:30pm
  • Sunday - spring 2023 - from 10am to 5pm

This is followed by an internship period of 55h consisting of:

  • 25h personal pilates training (mat and/or private lessons - these lessons are not included in the course price)
  • 10 hours of observation/assistance together with the trainer
  • 20h teaching

After completion of the training period there is a final exam consisting of:

  • a complete beginners mat class
  • a written theoretical exam


  • Early bird price: 800€ (incl 21% VAT)
  • 900€ (incl 21% VAT)


The MAT level 1 training days and internship classes will take place in Antwerp at Pilates Works.


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To register or to request further information, please use the contact form or email us at info@pilatesworks.be