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Pilates MAT teacher training Level 1

29 September 2023
90 DC7586 28 BA 49 D9 9177 307208 B3 A15 D

Learn to teach the classical Pilates method developed by Joseph H. Pilates.

The training starts with learning the beginner MAT exercises - the basis of the classical Pilates method. You'll learn to perform and analyse the exercises with precision and control. In the theoretical part we explore the 6 basic principles of the Pilates method (concentration, centering, control, breathing, precision, flow) and other key concepts such as the 'Pilatesbox', 'Powerhouse'…

Every aspect of teaching a successful class is addressed:

  • A thorough analysis of each exercise
  • The construction of a complete lesson
  • how to give corrections
  • Guiding a group (and/or individual client)

You can find the requirements you need to fulfil as a participant and all further info on the website.