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Start to Pilates

As a beginner you can start in the group class MAT fundamentals/basic. During this class you will learn all the basic exercises and principles and we will work at a relaxed pace. You can join this class at any time during the year.

The MAT fundamentals/basic classes take place on:

  • Monday at 19h
  • Saturday at 10h

For these classes you need to book in advance because the number of places is limited.

Would you rather take a beginners TOWER class? This class consists of ground or mat exercises and exercises on the Tower. After at least 5 classes MAT fundamentals/basic you can join this class.

Would you, as a beginner, rather have a tailor-made class because you have certain complaints or because you would like to train on the equipment under personal supervision? Then you can book a Personal Training (PT). You can book a private lesson, a duet lesson or for a group of up to 4 people.

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