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MAT classes

These group classes are all about the Pilates floor exercises, using different 'props' (accessories) such as: Magic Circle, Triadball™, Small Arm Weights, Theraband... These classes are taught at different levels from beginner to advanced.

All mat classes start in September, but you can join the Start to Pilates classes at any time during the year. During the summer months of July and August we offer summer MAT classes, these are open level mat classes for people with experience and who want to keep fit during the summer.

  • Start to Pilates: is a permanent introduction series of 6 mat classes. Start with this series as preparation for the group classes (MAT basic, MAT basic/intermediate, TOWER basic). If necessary you can repeat this series several times. We have 4 series throughout the school year. All Start to Pilates dates are listed on the Start to Pilates page.
  • MAT basic: is a mat class at an easy pace with all the basic exercises. Everyone can start in this class or join in during the year. If you prefer a bit more preparation before starting this class you can always join a Start to Pilates series.
  • MAT basic/intermediate: is a mat class at a faster pace, with more exercises per class, and more variation in the exercises than MAT basic.
  • MAT intermediate/advanced: is a mat class for advanced students. It is harder than MAT basic/intermediate, with a greater number of advanced exercises and with more flow. The ultimate Pilates workout.
  • MAT Lunch Break: is a series of 6 mat classes of 45 minutes each, for all levels. This is a slightly shorter mat class for those who want to work on their fitness during the afternoon or lunch break. All MAT Lunch Break dates are listed on the MAT Lunch Break page.