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Franklin Method workshops met Morten Dithmer

23 april 2014

23 - 24 april 2014 - 2 Franklin Method workshops met Morten Dithmer

  • Organ Movement for Health, Strength & Flexibility
  • The Jaw Workshop

Morten Dithmer is the associate director, co-visionary and major contributor to the Franklin Method.

He is a Franklin Teacher Trainer and teaches worldwide. Morten brings a potent mix of experience from dance, osteopathy, martial arts and comedy to his teaching. He was trained as a dancer at the Rotterdam Dance Academy in Holland, with a career in the performing arts extending over 20 years. He is an instructor in osteopathic bodywork and had a private practice in Tokyo for 12 years. He holds a 3rd degree black belt and teacher’s license in Aikido, a martial art.